Paratransit Services

Feb. 7, 2024

Lextran is seeking qualified vendors to provide ADA complementary paratransit service in Fayette County. The paratransit services must comply with FTA reporting requirements, FTA drug and alcohol testing requirements and all statutory requirements.

The program will undergo revisions and modifications to operating and administrative requirements to provide the highest possible quality of service. Lextran is especially interested in identifying firms that will work with Lextran on these improvements. Firms should view this project as a team effort with Lextran and the awarded contractor working together to provide a high-quality service, ensure consistent performance, and ensure continuous quality improvement.

Proposers are encouraged to afford DBE firms the opportunity to participate as partners or subcontractors. Proposals may include subcontracting of direct operations and other support services, which may include leasing or cleaning of facilities, leasing required equipment, standard administrative services (e.g., payroll processing), training, the performance of required vehicle maintenance, or other subcontracting opportunities as the proposer may identify. Subcontracted services must be approved by Lextran prior to the contract award.