MN: Transit plan pulls into final year

Rochester Public Transit is starting the final year of its five-year transit development plan adopted in 2017.

Post-Bulletin, Rochester, Minn.

Jan. 11--Rochester Public Transit is starting the final year of its five-year transit development plan adopted in 2017. 

During Monday's 3:30 p.m. study session, the Rochester City Council will be updated on changes that began in 2017 and are expected to continue this year.

Among the updates will be a revised route numbering system and continued expansion of services.

The changes come as the bus service saw a reported 5 percent increase in usage last year, with 42 percent of the ridership occurring on direct routes connecting park-and-ride facilities to downtown.

The council will also be updated on the latest plan to modify the city's new crosstown route, which has been offering service throughout the city without a downtown stop.

With lower-than-anticipated use, realignment plans are being proposed. Under the latest proposal, the route, known officially as Route 191, would operate buses between the Rochester Public Transit Offices and Rochester Community and Technical College in two directions through Northwest, Southwest and Southeast Rochester without a downtown stop. .

Staff have noted the service, which started in October 2018, has not been meeting route productivity standards while offering a complete circular route in the city.

Rochester Public Transit has been taking comments on the proposed changes since Dec. 11, and the City Council is slated to make a decision on the route change on Jan. 22.

Implementation of the route changes being discussed Monday is expected to occur on July 12, with a plan to raise awareness in the coming months.

In addition to an update regarding the transit development plan and pending changes, the council will also be presented with assessments of city golf operations and activity at 125 Live and the Rec Center.


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