Xerox: Open Payment Fare Systems

“How do I save money, increase efficiencies and stay focused on my mission of moving travelers safely?” This is the #1 question Xerox hears from our transportation clients. The fact is, more and more transit agencies are engaging the private sector for integration services because of the complexities that accompany payment networks. By doing so, Agencies can better focus on their core mission of moving people timely and efficiently. But with so much new technology driving open payment systems, including contactless and mobile banking payments, how does your agency make sense of all the options?

Industry veterans Mike Nash, Sandy Weinberg & Burt Wilhelm will explain in plain-English how open payment fare systems work, how they’ll save you money, and what options are available in the marketplace today. Getting your agency’s fare collection system into the 21st century doesn’t have to be difficult. Attend this webinar and you’ll learn the key facts about how to make deployment simple.


Presented by:

  • Michael Nash, SVP, Emerging Marketing - With significant knowledge of the transportation and financial services industries, Mike Nash brings to Xerox a unique combination of payment network and transit fare collection experience which he used to develop a viable open payment fare system approach.
  • Sanford Weinberg, VP Fare Solutions - Active in the fare collection industry for more than 25 years, Sandy serves as Xerox’s Vice President and Subject Matter Expert to the fare collection market in the U.S. and Canada. Sandy was recently involved in the introduction of Open Payment Technology, account based solutions as demonstrated in the NY/NJ Transit Trial and continued operation with NJ Transit.
  • Burt Wilhelm, Operations Director of Banking OperationsActive in the financial payments arena for more than 27 years, Burt is responsible for planning, management, and control of day-to-day activities of for Xerox’s transportation clients with a specific focus on open, contactless banking payments.