IL: Through Monday, Riders Can Transfer the Balance on Their Old CTA Cards to Ventra

August 27, 2014

IL: Ventra Ticket Fee Impacting Social Service Agencies

August 27, 2014

MD: TransIT Bus Shelters May Have Digital Advertising

August 22, 2014

PA: Name for Port Authority Tracker Might Ring a Bell

August 18, 2014

OH: TARTA Riders Hail Year-Old Web Program

August 18, 2014

MN: Metro Transit Getting Automated Stop Announcements

August 13, 2014

NC: Raleigh's Capital Area Transit to Roll Out 'Smartcard' Fare System

August 12, 2014

NY: NICE Bus GoMobile App Downloaded 6,700 Times in Two Months, Officials Say

August 8, 2014

NC: Raleigh's Capital Area Transit to Roll Out 'Smartcard' Fare System

August 6, 2014

KS: Free Wi-Fi is Now at the Bus Stop in Kansas City

July 31, 2014

FL: SunRail Mobile App Still Not Ready To Go

July 21, 2014

WA: Pierce Transit Adding New Electronic System for Security, Crime Issues

July 21, 2014

PA: Is T on schedule? There's An App for That

July 18, 2014

PA: SEPTA Tests Clip-On Cameras That Record Everything Officers Do

July 16, 2014

PA: Port Authority of Allegheny County to Consider Funding Bus Rapid Transit

July 15, 2014

SC: COMET Riders Could Soon Pay Fares Using Mobile App

July 10, 2014

NY: One-Stop State Strike Site Urged for LIRR Riders

July 8, 2014

MA: New MBTA Commuter Rail App Features Alarm

July 8, 2014

IL: Metra Missing the Train on Wi-Fi Access

July 2, 2014

CA: End to Paper Transfers and Debut of Day Passes for Unlimited Rides at AC Transit

June 27, 2014

NY: Subway Cell Service Technology Helpful to MetroCard Replacement

June 26, 2014

NY: Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bolsters Digital Screen Initiative by Joining Digital Place-based Advertising Association

June 26, 2014

VA: Beach Councilman More Supportive of Maglev Now

June 25, 2014

CT: Metro-North Has a Long Way to Go On Safety, Officials Say

June 13, 2014

CT: Connecticut Innovations Gives $650K Loan to Macton Corp. of Oxford

June 12, 2014