FL: Smart Fare Cards May be Coming to Manatee County Transit Riders

October 22, 2014

WA: National Transit Meeting in Houston Draws 7 From Kitsap

October 21, 2014

FL: PSTA Chief in Hot Water for Liking Facebook Post

October 17, 2014

IL: Move Afoot to Let Smartphones Pay Transit Fares

October 16, 2014

PA: Real-Time Port Authority Bus Tracking System Not Always Real

October 16, 2014

OH: Commuter Advertising Acquires Mobile Tech Firm

October 15, 2014

OR: TriMet Silences Experimental 'Talking Buses'; Their Return Uncertain

October 1, 2014

FL: Bay Town Trolley Website Nearly Done, Officials Say

October 1, 2014

IL: Wait Continues for Mobile Ticketing on Metra

September 23, 2014

WA: Another electric Demonstration Bus Rolls Into Bremerton

September 16, 2014

Israel: HopOn a Tel Aviv Bike Using a Smartphone

September 10, 2014

IL: CTA Upgrade Means More Comfortable Rides to, From Midway

September 10, 2014

MO: Metro 'Smart Card' in Testing Phase

September 5, 2014

NY: LIRR Signal Problems Resolved, Residual Delays Remain

September 4, 2014

IL: Deadline to Transfer Old CTA Fare Card Balances

September 3, 2014

MN: Inventor Proposes Using Timing, Speed to Improve Travel Time on Green Line

September 3, 2014

IL: Through Monday, Riders Can Transfer the Balance on Their Old CTA Cards to Ventra

August 27, 2014

IL: Ventra Ticket Fee Impacting Social Service Agencies

August 27, 2014

MD: TransIT Bus Shelters May Have Digital Advertising

August 22, 2014

PA: Name for Port Authority Tracker Might Ring a Bell

August 18, 2014

OH: TARTA Riders Hail Year-Old Web Program

August 18, 2014

MN: Metro Transit Getting Automated Stop Announcements

August 13, 2014

NC: Raleigh's Capital Area Transit to Roll Out 'Smartcard' Fare System

August 12, 2014

NY: NICE Bus GoMobile App Downloaded 6,700 Times in Two Months, Officials Say

August 8, 2014

NC: Raleigh's Capital Area Transit to Roll Out 'Smartcard' Fare System

August 6, 2014