CA: Dial-a-Ride Receives New Service Provider

A new contractor is providing Dial-a-Ride service for the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA).

IntelliRide, a division of Veolia Transportation, took over Dial-a-Ride operations from American Logistics Company (ALC) on June 1. ALC, a Utah-based company, has opted to discontinue providing the service.

Customers will not likely see a change in service as current policies and processes will remain the same. Like ALC, IntelliRide is using local contractors and taxi companies to provide transportation using “Smart Mobility Management” technology to coordinate reservations. The demand response service relies on automatic vehicle locator software to manage real-time scheduling with a flexible contract fleet.

“We are pleased to welcome IntelliRide to the AVTA family and look forward to a successful working relationship,” stated executive director Julie Austin. “We have had a long term partnership with Veolia Transportation, our current fixed route transit service provider. We know that IntelliRide draws from a deep history of Veolia’s experience and we are confident our Dial-a-Ride customers will benefit from a seamless transition.”

Dial-a-Ride customers may continue to make reservations by calling the same toll free number. The transition process has been running smoothly and no major challenges are anticipated.