Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD)

AR: AHTD Continues Series of Meetings to Update State Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) has announced additional Public Involvement Meetings across the state to obtain input from the public as it works to update the Arkansas State Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan.

The next meeting will be held May 19 at the Riverfront Pavilion in Fort Smith, Ark. A formal presentation will focus on west Arkansas issues.

The last meeting in the series will be held May 22 at the Arkadelphia Recreation Center. A formal presentation will focus on southwest Arkansas issues.

This is a continuation of the series of statewide meetings designed to gather input from the public as AHTD prepares to incorporate updated policies and best practices into the plan, which was originally published in 1998. The plan serves as a blueprint for state agencies, local governments and affiliated organizations to work toward improving the environment for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Silver Spring, Maryland-based Toole Design Group is a national planning firm that has been hired by AHTD to help the department conduct public involvement meetings and update the plan.

Arkansas was ranked 38th this year in a survey conducted by the League of American Bicyclists among the 50 states for bicycle friendliness. The ranking was based on a number of key indicators, including infrastructure and funding that provide bicycle facilities; education and programs that promote cycling; and passage and enforcement of bicycle-friendly laws that make it safe and comfortable for people of all ages to ride a bike.