OEM Technology Solutions

Australia: New Cloud Based Web Solution For Automatic Rail Monitoring

Australia’s OEM Technology Solutions is offering cloud based web monitoring to streamline rail asset utilization and incident management.

“By providing remote, real time, at-a-glance access to all critical train data such as location, speed, equipment status and other information, we have enabled operators to improve their operations, safety, efficiency and their bottom line,” said OEM Managing Director, Richard Gobee.

The system is based on OEM’s PC3 Series Controller into which has been integrated the company’s new IO3640 Communications module which has GPS and 3G capability, enabling information to be transmitted via an Etherios Device Connector.

Utilizing Device Cloud by Etherios, a platform-as-a-service that provides two-way communication between any device and the cloud, the various OEM connected train systems constantly stream their status via the Web without human intervention.

Richard said that the new OEM product would allow these customers to implement a connected rail solution to decrease downtime by pre-emptive maintenance.

 “The customers who have seen the system are very excited,” he said.

The cloud solution is a generational development of an OEM Technology Solutions system that has for some time enabled OEM products wirelessly so rail operators could gather information remotely by querying on-board systems on trains.

But the operators had to query individual systems. With the web-based solution the systems are reporting automatically and an operator only has to look at the screen to see which are working within their operational parameters and any that are flagged as being outside those parameters, indicating they will need attention when next the unit is in for scheduled maintenance.