Florida Transportation Commission (FTC)

FL: The Florida Transportation Commission Commends Governor Rick Scott for Funding Florida’s Transportation Needs

On Jan. 30, Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced his proposed 2014-2015 fiscal year budget which included his projected finances for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), overseen by the Florida Transportation Commission (FTC).

The Governor’s budget recommendation includes a total of $9.6 billion for FDOT.  Of this $9.6 billion, the Department’s Work Program will receive $8.8 billion, the largest in state history, for the construction and maintenance of Florida’s roads, bridges, rails, ports and other public transportation systems.

“On behalf of the Florida Transportation Commission, we applaud Governor Rick Scott for his continued dedication to funding Florida’s transportation infrastructure," said Ron Howse, chairman of the Florida Transportation Commission.  “The Governor’s proposed transportation budget ensures that as Florida becomes the nation’s third largest state, our transportation system will continue to provide safe travel to residents and visitors alike while also proving jobs and economic opportunities to Floridians."

As identified within the Governor’s budget, the transportation investments include: 

  • $3.8 billion to expand transportation system capacity, which includes adding 252 miles of new lanes;
  • $324.6 million for aviation improvements;
  • $192.5 million for scheduled repairs of 51 bridges and replacement of 15 bridges;
  • $834.3 million for maintenance and operation of existing facilities;
  • $528 million for transit program improvements;
  • $134.3 million for safety initiatives; and
  • $138.9 million in seaport infrastructure improvements that lead to job growth including:
  • $14.7 million for Port Everglades Southport Turning Notch Project which will lengthen the deepwater turn-around area to accommodate larger ships;
  • $10.4 million for Port of Tampa Hooker’s Point Development, the development of the south end of Hooker’s Point to support anticipated increase in freight mobility; and
  • $9.8 million for Port Canaveral Northside Development Container Yard, which is the rehabilitation of North Cargo Berth surrounding facilities to support anticipated increase in freight mobility.

Scott unveiled his entire budget request Wednesday during the annual legislative planning meeting hosted by The Associated Press in Tallahassee, Florida. For additional details on the Governor’s It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget for FY 2014-2015, visit www.FLItsYourMoney.com.