Transdev North America (formerly Veolia Transportation)

Veolia Inducts 118 Bus Operators into the Million Mile Club

Veolia Transportation hosted a reception and dinner on July 27 to honor nearly 200 employees who have reached significant safety and service milestones.

One hundred and eighteen bus operators received awards for driving a million miles or more without a preventable accident. It takes twelve years to drive one million miles. In fact, 94 operators achieved one million mile status, while 22 drove two million miles and 2 accomplished an amazing 3 million miles without a preventable accident. Each million miles they drove is equivalent to 40 times around the equator without a preventable accident.

“Having this many Million Milers in one city is truly remarkable,” said Mark Joseph, CEO of Veolia Transportation. “We congratulate these accomplished bus operators and we thank them for their safe and conscientious driving. It takes skilled and very focused driving to achieve this elite Million Miler status.”

In addressing the employees and their guests, Veolia Phoenix General Manager Katrina Heineking offered some interesting statistics about the awardees. Heineking said, "Each driver who has achieved his or her one million mile status has transported approximately 700,000 riders in the 12 years it takes to drive one million miles.” She continued, “It takes 28,900 miles to circle the earth one time. Collectively, our 118 Million Mile recipients have made 4,000 safe trips around the world.”

One hundred and forty-two other employees were honored for their long-term service of 15 years or more. Heineking acknowledged them by stating, “If you have been with us for 35 years, you have spent 72,800 hours in service to your community.”

Several Veolia executives also attended the award reception. Ken Westbrook, president and COO for Veolia’s Transit Division spoke to the group, thanking them for their service and dedication to the company and the community.

“Each day Veolia Phoenix employees drive buses 49,000 miles maneuvering through traffic and road obstacles and delivering people safely to their destinations. This is quite a challenge, yet each day you do it. Thank you for your contributions to the quality of life for residents of Phoenix.”

The Veolia location in Phoenix holds the record for the most Million Milers, and for the most employees with long-term service to the company. Nearly 45 percent of the Veolia’s Phoenix-based employees have been with the company for 10 years or more.