Scheidt & Bachmann

Germany: Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG Orders 40 Mobile Ticket Machines From Scheidt & Bachmann

Scheidt & Bachmann has been awarded the contract from Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG for the delivery and installation of 40 mobile ticket machines. The new FareGo Sales OT|40 machines will be installed in the transport company's trams by the end of the year and will be in use throughout the urban zone.

As a mobility service provider in the city of Chemnitz, Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG transports around 38 million passengers each year and is therefore an important partner in the central Saxony transport association. The company offers its passengers an environmentally-friendly alternative to individual motorised transport with its high reliability, attractive service and modern vehicles.

In order to improve their service to passengers, Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG is replacing 40 old units in their trams with state-of-the-art mobile ticket machines from Scheidt & Bachmann. The compact machines have a full range of functions and accept all popular payment methods including coins, bank notes and cash-less payment. In combination with the large touch-screen display and user-friendly guidance, the modern FareGo Sales OT|40 ticket machines offer simple and convenient ticket purchases in the Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG vehicles.

"We are delighted to be able to offer our passengers more convenience with the new ticket machines and make ticket purchases even easier", says Stefan Tschök, spokesman for Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG.