Roxtec Inc.

Roxtec Seals Provide Safety Solutions for Long-Term, Cost-Effective Operational Reliability in the Rail Industry

The demand for speed, safety and sustainability is increasing and, consequently, so is the importance the Roxtec modular-based sealing system for cables and pipes. Increasingly, manufacturers and contractors within rolling stock, rail control and infrastructure are choosing Roxtec seals because they are classified for fire resistance, and ensure certified protection against gas, water, rodents, shocks, vibrations, noise and electro-magnetic disturbance.

Multidiameter by Roxtec is an adaptable sealing solution based on a rubber-sealing module that consists of two halves, a center core, and removable black and blue layers. This construction ensures adaptability to different sizes of cables and pipes. Just peel off layers to achieve a tight installation. A single module can seal a cable or pipe over a span of several different diameters simply by removing layers from the module halves. In fact, most cables can be effectively sealed with just six basic sizes of Roxtec sealing modules. Easily installed Roxtec modules are used together with a frame and a compression unit, resulting in an optimum sealing solution suitable for wide-ranging train industry applications.

Roxtec’s sealing system for high-speed trains incorporates a fire and pressure-proof cable seal, ensuring passenger safety by eliminating risks for the train caused by fire, smoke, strain, shock waves or pressure. The sealing system has fewer parts, which simplifies design, logistics, and installation. Additionally, the sealing system is easy to use and allows routing of pre-terminated cables.

The Roxtec sealing system allows designers to plan for future needs and regulations. Electrical installers can add cables and pipes throughout the service life of the vehicle, without adding cost. In addition, maintenance and reliability is easy especially when companies can easily have spare parts on site.

A standard sealing solution for a light rail vehicle (LRV) ensures passenger safety. Every Roxtec component is developed to ensure reliability. When the time comes for maintenance or upgrades in rolling stock, the cable and pipe installer just needs to open up and reconfigure the installation.