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Bridgestone Commercial Solutions Presents Ecopia Road Show

Bridgestone Commercial Solutions (BCS) is taking its newest product directly to the customer.

With the Ecopia Road Show, BCS is showcasing the total tire solution that can help save money as well as the planet.* The Road Show will make several stops at dealer locations and trade shows across the country over the next several months. See a complete list of Ecopia Road Show stops at

The show features five new tires in the Bridgestone Ecopia line for steer, drive and trailer positions, and four new tread designs in the Bandag FuelTech line that complement the drive and trailer Ecopia line up, providing drivers and fleets a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly option from new tire through retread.

The advanced compounding for lower rolling resistance, the innovative, tread designs for long, even wear and the additional technology benefits from the Ecopia tire and casing solution could save up to five percent in fuel costs, when compared to leading competitors**, and up to 29 percent in total tire wear cost, when retreading an Ecopia casing with Bandag FuelTech.

“We’ve created a total solution for our customers that didn’t shortchange fuel economy for tread wear or durability,” said Scott Damon, vice president, Marketing for Bridgestone Commercial Solutions. “To do that, we added smarter designs and new technology in our Ecopia products, and implemented technologies that extend the life of an Ecopia casing for our Bandag FuelTech products. These changes mean greater fuel savings for our customers that can contribute to a lower cost of ownership over the life of the tires.”

Customers can compute their potential savings with this tire solution using an online calculator at By entering a few details such as purchase price and removal mileage, users can quickly calculate projected savings over the life of their tires – from estimated fuel and tire wear savings to their estimated reduction in CO2 emissions.

“The Ecopia line is Bridgestone’s answer to the bottom line demands of fleets and drivers who want to reduce their total cost of tire ownership and meet the growing demands for more environmentally-friendly solutions,” Damon said. “We’re proud to offer a solution that helps our customers lower costs over the life of the tire, and gives them greener returns along the way.”

For specifics on the Ecopia and FuelTech lines, visit

* Based on rolling resistance and field mileage tests, Bridgestone Ecopia and Bandag FuelTech are our most fuel-efficient and lowest total cost of ownership tire and retread solutions. Combining proprietary low rolling resistance technology with the industry’s most retreadable casing, Ecopia and FuelTech can help reduce fuel use and extend tire life for lower costs and greener returns, when compared to other Bridgestone tires.