SinglePoint Communications

SinglePoint Announces New SingleVIEW LED Display Offering

SinglePoint has announced a new way for transit agencies to get valuable, timely information in front of customers. SingleVIEW, the company’s latest product offering, uses an LED display that can either be on board or at bus/train stops. The screens can be used to display location-based advertising and real-time information such as schedules, traffic conditions, weather and more.

SingleVIEW features both live video feeds and a ticker that can be used to display news, RSS feeds, scores or other content. In addition, the solution offers local timetable management, audio enhancements using natural speech or text-to-speech, RNIB REACT and button triggers, and full remote management over an ADSL connection. Fully customizable, SingleVIEW can be enhanced with SinglePoint’s SingleREV software, providing valuable revenue-generating advertising opportunities for transit agencies.

“At SinglePoint, we’re always trying to bring the latest in-vehicle technology to our customers,” explained SinglePoint CEO Rob Taylo. “SingleVIEW is a win-win because riders are staying informed and transit agencies have another channel for generating revenue.”

SingleVIEW is available on 26-inch widescreen LCDs or larger, with either an integrated or standard x86 single board computer. Wall or ceiling mounted, SingleVIEW’s screens are daylight-viewable and use high-bright and transflective LCD panels, providing excellent display quality in most lighting conditions. The stylish, rugged aluminium housings feature a 5mm polycarbonate window that provides superior damage resistance.