Virtual Driver Interactive Revolutionizes Driver Safety Training by Introducing Innovative Risk Mitigation Program — Virtual HD

Virtual Driver Interactive, Inc. (VDI), a provider of simulation training solutions for commercial and education applications, announced the launch Virtual HD, the industry’s first voice controlled, interactive simulation-based driver safety program designed specifically for corporate driver training programs.

Virtual HD is a self-paced series of experiences developed to improve hazard recognition skills, lower accident rates and reduce distracted driving in less than 90 minutes. Virtual HD is a unique driver training program focused on eliminating the primary cause for crashes: a failure to recognize and react to hazardous driving situations. A key element of the Virtual HD program is vehicle-specific training mimicking actual driving experiences on the job — whether it is in a package delivery truck, van or passenger car. Company safety slogans are also displayed on billboards, storefronts, vehicles and other signage passed along the road during the simulation training for branding reinforcement.

Efficiently run companies recognize that keeping company employees safe is the optimal way to save money. In the past, choices were limited to lengthy classroom courses that do not keep employee attention or costly instructor-led "drive alongs" that take multiple hours per employee to complete. Virtual HD can not only lower crash incidents and associated costs, but also dramatically lower the cost of training while increasing the rate at which drivers are trained. Proof of course completion allows corporations to easily update training records or learning management systems (LMS).

“Deployment of Virtual HD will offer significant reductions in training related expenses like vehicle rental, employee productivity and instructor time while increasing training effectiveness,” said Corey Davis, beta customer and manager of training simulation and technology at CSX Transportation. “This type of simulation-based training complements our current Smith System training by allowing drivers to actually put those principles into practice without putting them into harm’s way.”

Customers of Virtual HD can choose to have their employees go through the program using the full-size VT Series Virtual Trainer, with the realistic feel of a car, at their training centers, or in the field by using the portable, dVT43 Desktop Virtual Trainer. Both systems feature an expansive 43-inch, high definition, super-wide aspect ratio monitor. Virtual HD provides compelling training in these concepts:

  • Deterring distracted driving
  • Safe following distance
  • Motorcycles and bicycles visibility
  • Expert scanning techniques
  • Rapid hazard anticipation and detection
  • Parking lots safety strategies
  • Covering the brake to reduce dangers
  • City, highway, commercial and rural environments
  • Day and night situations with inclement weather conditions

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming response we are receiving from companies when they witness Virtual HD for the first time,” said Bob Davis, CEO and president of VDI. “We designed Virtual HD to provide a realistic, immersive training experience deployable at remote offices as well as large scale training centers in order to ensure seamless implementation by all companies throughout a broad range of industries.”