INIT, Innovations In Transportation Inc.

INIT Launches New Manufacturing Facility

INIT Innovations in Transportation Inc., a leading provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) located in Chesapeake, Va., partnered with Simtech, LLC, a supplier of customized electronic products to launch a new business venture in the city of Chesapeake. Superior Quality Manufacturing (SQM) was established to produce a variety of electronic modules and devices featuring components such as computer boards and LED panels.

The 13,000-square-foot facility, located on Crossways Boulevard in the Greenbrier Business District, houses a production area, test and repair facility, warehouse and administrative offices. The new plant will benefit INIT customers by providing faster turnaround on equipment lead and delivery times, and by facilitating a timelier repair process for damaged equipment. Transit agencies will now have the ability to purchase vital equipment for their fleets that is manufactured in the Uniteds States.

Initially, SQM will manufacture devices like variable message signs, mobile data terminals, GPS devices and equipment racks for INIT's U.S. public transit customers. Longer term growth plans include manufacturing for third parties leveraging the SQM skills in THT (Through Hole Technology) and SMD (Surface Mount Devices), as well as building specialized high quality electronics in small and medium range quantities at a reasonable cost.

After the successful foundation of a cable assembly company, Total Quality Assembly, LLC (TQA) in 2006, this is another step taken by the INIT group to strengthen their local presence. "This achievement represents a perfect model of how different international companies can locate a business in Chesapeake and grow together to form a successful venture," said Chesapeake Mayor Alan P. Krasnoff. "Having two German companies, INIT, Inc. and Simtech, LLC choose Chesapeake for their new manufacturing partnership proves our city is a great place for foreign investment."

Rob Brown, chairman of the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliances, added, "We welcome SQM and are excited to see INIT's supplier network grow; another great addition to our growing international business community in Hampton Roads and the city of Chesapeake."

Company executives, along with Chesapeake city officials and INIT's business associates will be on hand to celebrate the grand opening of SQM with a ribbon cutting and open reception on January 18, 2012 at the site of the new business.