Digital Signage Expo (DSE)

DSF and DPAA Present a Joint Webinar Event: Making An Impression with Digital Place-Based Media

The Digital Signage Federation in concert with the DPAA will present a webcast event on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 2 p.m. EST designed to help advertisers, agency planners and buyers and digital place-based network operators how to use available metrics to value audience exposure.

Co-presented by Arbitron’s Ben Crawford, senior account manager, and Diane Williams, senior media research analyst, the hour-long webcast will examine:

  • How audience impressions are calculated in the digital place-based media world,
  • How to evaluate the quality of these impressions,
  • How viewer engagement and other contextual factors apply to audience measurement,
  • How do these factors allow for a better assessment of a network’s value proposition, and
  • New findings from Arbitron’s 2011 industry study.

Alan Brawn, principal of Brawn Consulting and Chairman of the DSF education committee said, “This webinar will help those who plan and buy or those who sell media time to better understand the types of value judgment that can and should be applied to the metrics that are readily available to help substantiate an investment in what is a compelling and effective medium.”

Registration is available online through the DSF website events page.

The DPAA and DSF are cooperating on this webinar as part of the DSF’s monthly educational series. Through its education committee, the DSF is dedicated to creating and disseminating an educational program that will result in member companies operating more professionally, productively, profitably and responsibly.

About Ben Crawford:

Ben Crawford, senior account manager for Arbitron, has been working with Arbitron's out-of-home clients for the past eight years to ensure they have the research and sales tools needed to grow their businesses. Crawford works with out-of-home media companies including traditional billboard, emerging and established digital video networks, mall media, out-of-home TV and retail audio networks.

About Diane Williams:
Diane Williams is the senior media analyst at Arbitron. She focuses primarily on outdoor and place-based advertising platforms in environments as diverse as malls, cinema, quick service restaurants, bars, airports, office buildings and sports arenas; her body of research in these areas has made her a leading authority on digital signage and she is a frequent guest speaker at industry conferences and events.