Transportation Certification Services Appoints J. Larry Breeden Senior Vice President

J. Larry Breeden has been appointed senior vice president of Transportation Certification Services, Inc. (TCS), headquartered in Overland Park, Kan. Breeden previously worked at Union Pacific Railroad for the past 32 years with the past 10 years managing Operating Practices for the entire Union Pacific system with responsibility for over 18,000 TE&Y employees and 450 DSLE and DSRCOs. Operating practices at Union Pacific included employee certification and licensing, FRA compliance, event recorder and track image recorder center, derailment prevention, general code of operating rules, efficiency testing, air brake and train handling, simulators for train operations and remote control, and the development of the employee quality management system.

Breeden has also served as the President of the International Association of Railway Operating Officers. He has testified in several FRA and NTSB hearings and to congressional committees concerning various aspects of railroad operations and safety. Breeden has served on numerous FRA Railroad Safety Advisory and AAR Committees for Federal Regulations, with the most recent being 49 CFR Part 242, Conductor Certification. 

Breeden is a Union Pacific J. C. Kenefick, award winner and runner up Harriman-Hammond Award winner for his leadership and commitment to safety. He has developed several key operating and safety initiatives for railroad operations and is recognized as an industry expert. Breeden was also involved in various employee engagement activities, including Decertification Prevention, SACP, and Train handling Guidelines.

“Larry is an innovator of railroad technology and programs and will certainly bring a wealth of expertise to TCS in all areas of railroad operation, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, derailment prevention and analysis and safety initiatives, says Terese Jones, president. "Larry will be instrumental in implementing the new Conductor Certification Regulation (49 CFR Part 242) in 2012 for TCS and our clients, both freight and commuter.”