SC: Coast RTA to Explore Georgetown Route Changes

Aug. 26--The Coast RTA Board of Directors is expected to hear a comprehensive report Wednesday on proposed changes to its popular Georgetown/Myrtle Beach route.

Executives at Coast RTA are exploring several changes to the route, including relocating the transfer point at Duke and Hazard streets, eliminating the stop on Hazard Street, addressing the overcrowded buses on the popular route, and safe pick up and drop off stops along S.C. 701 south.

Michelle Cantey, spokeswoman for Coast, said officials began to look at the changes when they heard concerns of loitering and littering at the Duke and Hazard transfer location.

"They are looking at a couple of recommendations from the residents," Cantey said. "It's easy to understand the complaint due to the amount of people who are waiting for transit. We are working to alleviate that."

Duke and Hazard is simply a pickup and drop off point. There is no structure or shelters like the one off Mr. Joe White Avenue in Myrtle Beach, so making the change would be more word-of-mouth than moving of equipment, Cantey said.

Felicia Beaty, deputy general manager of Coast, and Doug Herriott, transportation manager, met with the area's businesses affected by the pick up and drop off locations to get their input, according to Coast.

"This is definitely Coast in a new day moving forward," Cantey said. "We are wanting the buy-in from the residents and the customers that we serve on a daily basis."

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