UAE: Rough Ride for Dubai Metro Red Line Commuters

Aug. 13--Passengers stranded, delayed as technical problem occurs at nine station.

Harried passengers on the Dubai Metro, most of them heading home after work, were delayed or stranded when the system stopped at stations or came to a crawl on a section of the Red Line from 7pm. The glitch was resolved by 8.30pm by the technical team of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

The technical team of the RTA said the problem occurred at nine stations.

Moaza Al Marri, Director of Marketing and Communications, said the affected stations were between Business Bay and Union Stations in both directions on the Red Line. "Things like this may happen, but this is just a small operational problem."

Moaza said that the glitch happened around 7pm and additional feeder buses were deployed. "This happens during a rush hour so RTA deployed free feeder buses that could accommodate all passengers to operational lines on the Metro."

Passengers' despair sprung from the fact that some of them were waiting at stations for over 30 minutes with no news of when the system would be up and running again.

"Announcement at Nakheel #Dubaimetro says trains to Rashidiya will stop at Noor Bank. Still at Nakheel though! Shouldn't hv driven to work," tweeted Rohan Cornelio, while Yana. M said she spent approximately five minutes at every station on the ride back home.

Commuters said no announcements were made at the stations for the delay and the slow pace of their transport, and many sweated it out at stations and on trains as the cooling systems went off.

"Red line metro at #MOE, has been stuck at every station for 5-10mins, to the peeps who don't have a/c and lights! Hold on!!." tweeted Binoy John, whose journey was terminated at Business Bay. Another passenger, Sarfraz said thousands were stuck at the Business Bay station and it was chaotic with the jostling, shoving and sweating.

Through all the commotion, many passengers did not forget to take selfies. Others said they were advised to take other means of transport. Many complained staff at stations were not to be seen and they were left to fend for themselves as there was no clear communication from authorities. --

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