FL: Well-Known Jacksonville Seafood Restaurant Demolished Following Crash That Left it Heavily Damaged

A well-known seafood store in Jacksonville's Newtown community is now a pile of rubble after an overnight demolition crew finished what a truck collision on Wednesday afternoon began.

A Coca-Cola truck collided with a JTA bus, then ran into Discount Seafood in the 1300 block of Beaver Street, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Some passengers on the bus as well as people inside the store at the corner of Rushing Street were hospitalized after the collision, which caused a small diesel leak.

The Sheriff's Office shut down Beaver Street until the truck was pulled out of the severely damaged building. Due to structural damage to the corner store, heavy equipment was brought in overnight to demolish it because it was in danger of collapsing.

Thursday morning a sign saying "Live crabs" was visible in the pile of rubble, as well as a crumpled Coca-Cola sign. Police still have Rushing Street closed off, as well as the sidewalk in front of the store. A utility truck was also across the street, cutting off electric power to the site as two police cars stood watch.

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