CA: Alameda County Will Ask Voters to Double the Existing Sales Tax for Transportation Projects

Alameda County residents will vote in November whether to make their county the first in Northern California to make its transportation sales tax a full cent, Alameda County supervisors decided Tuesday.

The vote was unanimous to go to voters for the second time in two years with a tax increase to expand spending by $8 billion over three decades on freeways, roads, public transit, and walking and bike trails.

The current half-cent tax would double if it passes.

The previous ballot measure narrowly lost by 721 votes in 2012 when the proposed sales tax increase would have been forever -- a permanence many voters disliked.

This time around, county leaders stripped out the "forever" clause and asked for the same money for the same projects with the tax needing voter approval if it is renewed.

Supervisors said the tax increase is essential to fight congestion and keep people moving in a county that is a major crossroads for transportation.

Check back for further details.

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