WI: Man Run Over, Killed by Metro Transit Bus

May 21--A man who was drinking on a Metro Transit bus was killed Monday night when he was run over by the bus after getting off of it on Madison's Far East Side, police said.

The 68-year-old man died at a hospital after attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. Authorities did not release the man's name.

Madison police said the man got off the bus on the frontage road along the 4800 block of East Washington Avenue just before midnight.

The man started walking away from the bus, but then stumbled back toward it and ran into the bus, said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

The rear wheels of the bus ran over part of the man's lower body, DeSpain said.

The driver stopped after hitting the man and called police. The bus was impounded so it can be inspected by the State Patrol.

The police investigation indicated the bus driver wouldn't have been able to avoid hitting the man, DeSpain said.

"He didn't do anything wrong," DeSpain said of the driver.

Security camera footage showed the man pouring liquor from a bottle into a coffee cup while he was on the bus, DeSpain said. He said the man was known to police as a frequent bus passenger who would often drink as he rode.

"He's someone that we've had a history with as far as alcohol issues," DeSpain said.

Metro Transit spokesman Mick Rusch declined to provide information about the bus driver.

Rusch said the driver was placed on paid leave in keeping with Metro's policy, and would meet with city staff as part of the employee assistance program for workers involved in fatal incidents.

-- Bill Novak of madison.com contributed to this report.

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