MD: Slice of Life Community Relations Manager Brings Enthusiasm to TransIT Services

May 20--Adrienne Moretz, TransIT Services' newest spokeswoman, is excited about her job.

"It's really great to see how people love what they're doing here," she said.

Few positions truly do good for others, and working at TransIT is one of those, she said. She values the opportunity to educate and connect with others through media relations.

She had worked in marketing for four or five years before taking the job in February. She started out by doing promotions for her family's restaurant in Hedgesville, West Virginia.

Moretz also spent time in a similar position at the South Mountain Creamery.

"There was just a lot more ice cream around," she said, jokingly.

The TransIT Services job drew her attention because she saw the opportunity for growth with the county. She was also excited about the opportunity to promote the environmental benefits of public transportation.

Buses can help reduce carbon emissions by replacing 25 cars, she said.

"Connecting with the environment and how you should take care of it is not just a fad, it's a lifestyle choice," Moretz said. "I was excited when I started here to hear about all the great things we are doing on that forefront."

TransIT is planning to get electric buses and the infrastructure to charge them, if funding allows. Moretz said she was eager to share information about the system's green technology.

Her interest in the environment grew from her love of hiking, kayaking and other outdoor activities.

As community relations manager, Moretz plans to use social media more often to get the word out about developments at TransIT, which she hopes will expand the collegiate audience.

Nancy Norris, director of TransIT Services, said that Moretz's grasp of social media and technology was part of the decision to hire her.

Beyond having those skills, her creativity made her a top candidate.

"The ride share piece and the public transit piece, you can learn that," Norris said. "I'm not sure you can teach creativity."

Norris said Moretz became part of TransIT at a busy time, and new projects are on the horizon that she needs to publicize.

TransIT Services will look to create a mobile ticketing app, which would allow riders to buy tickets on their smartphones. Along with that service, it will begin offering a one-day pass.

The TransIT-plus program, which provides rides for registered seniors and people with disabilities, could soon feature a taxi voucher system, which would allow users the option of hiring a taxi instead of scheduling a ride with TransIT-plus.

"We have a lot of things that are going on, and it's really going to require a lot of marketing," Norris said.

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