Radio Engineering Industries' Guy Jukes

With the continued advancement of technology and the streamlining of systems, REI foresees much growth in 2008 in terms of how the market will utilize video surveillance technology in the transit industry.

We see the following key changes:

1. Wireless download of audio video and data files will continue to grow in demand and eventually become the standard means of data retrieval as the prices for network components and storage means continue to drop. In preparation for this, the REI R1001 and R4001 Mobile Digital Video Recorders are capable of wireless downloading of all data with additional components and hardware.

2. Video quality and record time will continue to improve with the advances in DVR technology. High quality mobile DVRs used in conjunction with high resolution cameras allow for tremendous detail which will be helpful in facial recognition and identifying people and objects in and around vehicles. Advanced compression technology will allow users to record longer while maintaining outstanding image quality. Because frame rate claims can be confusing, users must evaluate their needs based on real video samples, not simply on the specifications set forth by surveillance suppliers.

3. Multiple channel and multiple camera systems will continue to grow in demand. The use of 8-16 cameras inside and outside vehicles, all recording simultaneously and integrated with GPS data, accelerometer “black box” technology and more will become the norm. REI is introducing additional high quality mobile DVRs to accompany our current family of recorders. REI has been in development of mobile DVRs designed and manufactured specifically for the rugged mobile environment for many years.

4. System integration will continue to increase, and users will have the ability to view GPS data, black box data and much more on screen simultaneously with audio/video footage. REI mobile DVRs are already capable of including this additional data.

5. The number of surveillance suppliers in the market will decrease as the most responsive, user friendly partner companies rise to the top of the supplier base. Stable companies like REI that have been in business for decades and offer more than just surveillance systems will remain as the most viable options for transit companies.

In summary, with the increased desire for safety and security on all modes of transit, the desire for enhanced surveillance capabilities will increase as well. Fortunately, the technology is readily available to make this a reality with wireless data access, DVR storage, active GPS data, multiple channel systems and cameras with superior video quality and record time.

Known by many in the industry and a staple at REI for the past 20 years, REI’s VP of marketing, Guy Jukes, has been a major contributor to the company’s success. Jukes was on hand when REI developed the first on-board video entertainment system and oversaw the successful deployment of BUS-WATCH® analog and digital surveillance systems.