Top 40 Under Forty

New Flyer congratulates the recipients of Mass Transit’s 2009 Top 40 Under 40 Award. As leaders in your respective organizations, you are facing a unique set of challenges never before faced by public transportation. At New Flyer, we are confident that through your vision and leadership, you will reshape and strengthen our industry in North America.

As the largest transit bus manufacturer in the United States and Canada with approximately 2,500 employees, New Flyer recognizes the skills required and the demands placed upon our employees. Our employees are a critical element of our approach to Sustainability; without happy, engaged and healthy employees, we cannot continue to strive toward a better product, a better workplace and a better world.

We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining talent, and have many programs in place to assist us in this effort. We work closely with local universities to ensure that faculty and students are aware of the opportunities at New Flyer and to jointly develop programs to improve our bench strength. We have summer student programs, work co-op opportunities and, in Canada, provide work experiences for new immigrants.

In addition to our external outreach efforts, we provide our employees with professional training and development and educational opportunities for continuous learning and to grow as leaders. Our succession plan identifies candidates and ensures that the plans are in place for employees to move up and learn new skills. Within existing positions, employees are given opportunities to expand their responsibilities.

To ensure that our initiatives meet the needs of the next generation of leaders, we seek input from our employees through both formal and informal research tools. We are proud to report that in our most recent employee satisfaction survey, 88 percent report that they are proud to tell others they work at New Flyer and 79 percent say that “this is a great place to work.”

Our dedication to workforce development is part of our overall sustainability strategy. If we do not make certain that we have the most qualified people in place to lead our company for upcoming decades, we will not be sustainable for our customers, our employees or our shareholders. We see this as good business sense and it is a part of what helps us provide a better product, a better workplace and a better world.

Congratulations on this outstanding achievement and we wish you much continued success.

Mona Babauta Russ Frank Albert Himes Steve Sarafinovski
Jayme L. Blakesley Brian Funk Jennifer Kalczuk Julia Schick
James A. Bradford Jr. Lori Oakley Gale Sherry E. Little Dave Schlesinger
Carrie Butler John Giorgis Adam Martin Jacqueline Sheader
Rick Cardentey Joshua J. Goldman Karl R. Otterstrom Steve Sherrer
Dr. Floun’say R. Caver Christopher Hart Christopher Phelps Jason Tubergen
Kevin R. Collins Hunter Harvath Todd Provost Vicky Vargas
Brandi Kelly-Contreras Curvie Hawkins Jr. Christine Romans Amber Wagner
Denis Desmond Monique Pegues Iyon Rosario Sara Procacci Wilson
Richard H. Farr John L. Hendrickson Carol Rose Matthew Yamashita