A Little Change is Good

There was a time when I would resist most changes that came our way. You know the old standard, “if it’s worked this well for this long, then why are we changing it,” sort of thing. But I’ve softened to that recently.

Take our most recent issue for example. If you look around, you’ll notice it’s a little different than the last one. We added a dash of color, changed our layout a little bit and tweaked some fonts here and there. Nothing drastically different, just freshening up the place a bit — under the hood we’re still the same Mass Transit that you know and trust for our in-depth coverage of transit’s critical issues and the people who deal with them.

For a print magazine change can be slow. We plan things out here and there and it takes months for them to come to fruition. The changes you see this month have been in the planning for some time now. On the Internet, though, change is a daily occurence. In fact, that seems to be the reason it’s there at times.

We try to keep up with those changes and offer new and different features in our Internet offerings whenever we can make them. It’s unbelievable in the short time that I have been with Mass Transit how much change has taken place in what we can and do offer on the Internet and it will keep changing for sure.

Think about that sometime with your agency. When was the last time you made any changes there? Are you stuck in the “tried-and-true” policies rut or do you continually seek changes?

It amazes me how slow transit is to change. I have spoken with more than a few transit agencies that are proudly doing route analysis for the first time in 30 years. Great, but how about making sure it’s not another 30 years before the routes are changed again.

The Mass Transit Web site is just one of millions (trillions?) of sites floating through the electronic ether that is the Internet. We spend a lot of time and money making sure we keep up with what is going on around us.

How does your system keep up with what’s going on around you? And I’m not talking about putting in a new rail or BRT line. I’m talking about knowing that you can eliminate a stop because the business that was once the reason for its existence is now closed. Or that most people getting off at a stop then end up crossing the street to get where they are going — maybe stopping on the other side would be better?

A little change is good for all of us. And sometimes a little change can have a lot more far-reaching benefits than you think at first glance.