TecTrans' Michael Griffus

First off, I see a continued unwavering devotion to safety across the industry. New technologies and improved methodologies that we and others employ facilitate even greater adherence to safety best practices, and I firmly believe we will continue to see new, better ways to maintain our commitment to safe operations.

Tectrans experienced unprecedented interest in our company as a new alternative for contracted transit operations in 2010, and I expect that trend to continue through 2011 and beyond. We know that transit authorities and the other public entities that oversee transit systems are continuing to fight the “budget battle.” This may get better in 2011 but we are still far from a full recovery. These constraints make contracting for management and operations a very logical and potentially cost-saving option. So when transit authorities are researching their options, we expect them to continue to seek new and improved alternatives, like Tectrans.

I believe that 2011 will include the continued trend of increased scrutiny of public sector spending. In this environment, I am convinced that transit buyers hold an even greater responsibility to ensure that every dollar is spent responsibly.

Lastly, with the recent midterm election, there will certainly be areas of the country that will see the focus shift away from high-speed rail, and toward more traditional modes of transportation.

Michael Griffus is a 25-year veteran of the transit management and transportation industry, with extensive experience in vehicle operations for school bus, transit and paratransit service nationwide.